Commercial Water Treatment

Commercial and industrial (C&I) high-purity water applications are Total Water Treatment Systems’ specialty.

  • I’m interested in getting a free consultation for a water handling system. We need an integrated ultrasonic degassing solution with UV sterilization and a peristaltic pump for supplying water to a laboratory instrument.
  • My medical technology company is interested in degasification for cleanroom water loop.
  • We are a 100-room hotel and we seem to be using more salt than other properties that are larger then us. We’d like to have our water softener system checked to see if everything is working properly and efficiently.
  • Our food manufacturing facility is looking for a deionized water system capable of producing 320,000 gallons of water annually.
  • We need to talk to a specialist about the removal of polyphosphates/sodium silicates from our town water source.
  • I’m looking for an affordable portable water filtering system for a small mobile home park that utilizes ground water under the influence of surface water. It needs to treat VOC and SOC along with harmful pathogens in the water supply. The well can produce up to 12,000 GPD.
  • Our facility gets only our hot water softened; we’re looking for an estimate on getting a system installed that will soften water throughout the entire building.
  • I am interested in the cost for a deionized water system for commercial use with volumes of up to one million gallons of water per year. I also would like to know how much physical space this system would take in our plant.
  • Do you service Millipore lab water purification systems?
  • We are opening a brewery; our water supply is municipal well. We’ve had a water analysis completed and would like to talk to someone about the options for treating this water for brewing purposes as well as other uses (such as a steam boiler) for our facility.
  • We are building a new analytical laboratory, which will need a house DI water system. We will use about 10 gallons per month (gpm) for solution preparation: lab work, glassware rinsing, and so on. We may decide to use a water polisher for more critical solution production, but the project requires house DI. Can you provide me with a quote for this project?
  • My composites lab is looking for a 2 megaohm DI water system to go with an ultrasonic NDI scanning system. It will need to provide roughly 100 gallons per day, to be used once every 1 to 2 months.
  • I would like to request a quote for an E2-4 reverse osmosis system for an educational research facility.
  • We have an issue with lime, which causes our humidity atomizers to clog. Can you examine our water and suggest a solution to our water problem?
  • Do you have a system that is made up of a combination of filters and a UV sterilization system?
  • Our university has a MilliQ Gradient [Millipore] system. We’d like a quote for an annual maintenance plan.
  • Our tissue culture lab is considering buying a dishwasher to save on labor. We have been washing containers by hand and rinsing with RO water. We have hard water, so the source needs to be treated before it passes through a washer to avoid salt residue left on our containers after washing. I am trying to avoid rinsing with RO water. Is there a system that would prevent scale/residue without having to rinse with RO water?
  • What system options are available for Type 1 water in our lab analytical/testing processes?

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