Ion Exchange Systems

Commercial/industrial ion exchange systems and water deionizers.

Total Water provides ion exchange systems for production of high purity water.

Our ion exchange systems utilize water deionization and demineralization to remove undesirable ions and replace them with acceptable ones. These ion exchange systems are used to purify water for laboratory, biotech, pharmaceutical, medical, food and beverage, hydrometallurgical, metals finishing, chemical and petrochemical, ground and potable water, nuclear, softening, industrial water, semiconductor, power and other applications. Our certified ion exchange water experts can address any questions or custom industry applications that you may have.

The deionization process uses synthetic ion exchange resin to remove dissolved solids from water by ion attraction and exchange. This synthetic resin is charged with either hydrogen (H*) or hydroxide (OH) ions which causes the resin to release their ions in exchange for the positively charged cations (Mg+2, Ca+2, Na+, etc.) which may be present in the raw feed water supply.

Two typed of deionizers are commonly used, mixed bed and separate bed. A mixed-bed deionizer combines both cation and anion resins in a single vessel. Mixed-bed deionizers can produce very high quality water that approaches the theoretical limits of purity (18.24 megohm-cm resistivity at 25C) and natural ph of 7.0. A separate bed system consists of separate vessels of cation and anion resin. Separate bed deionizers have the economical advantage of 16-40% greater.

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