Medical Grade

High purity water reverse osmosis systems for medical applications.

In the reverse osmosis process, the water from a liquid with a high concentration of dissolved solids is forced to flow through the membrane to the low concentration side where this water can be collected. The process is achieved by applying enough pressure to overcome the natural osmotic pressure forces on a membrane. The semi-permeable membranes used in the process are engineered to only allow the passage of the water molecule. The result is high quality water. This water is then polished through one or more filtration steps to create high purity water.

Medical Grade RO Systems

We have many different sizes of reverse osmosis systems for a variety of applications. Customized systems for your specific water treatment system or solution can also be built. The systems can be single pass, two pass, custom skid units, portable, and more.

The best RO system for your application depends on what standards it must meet. We can provide RO systems that meet these standards:

  • AAMI
  • FDA
  • USP
  • CLRW
  • SRW
  • ASTM
  • CAP

Learn more about our dialysis water treatment systems.

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