Remove dissolved gases and other contaminants for high purity water.

Some industrial applications and processes require ultra pure water with extremely low levels of dissolved gases and other contaminants. Degasification / decarbonation increases the life of the process equipment by preventing or controlling corrosion.

How water degasification systems work.

The basic principle of degasification is to force a column of air up-flow over a thin film or small drops of down-flow water. This procedure will oxidize iron and manganese, allow gases such as carbon dioxide, methane and hydrogen sulfide to escape and to let volatile substances such as phenol vaporize into the moving stream of air.

Because of its multi-functions, the degasifier is sometimes referred to as an aerator or a decarbonator. The degasifier does not remove oxygen or heat water. Therefore, it is not a substitute for a boiler feed-water deaerator. This will extend the operating runs and significantly reduce the load on downstream strong base anion exchangers or deaerators.

For volatile organic compound removal, the degasifier is efficient by itself or can be followed by granular activated carbon filters for almost complete removal. Hydrogen sulfide gas is seldom completely removed by degasification because it is readily converted to non-volatile sulfides in the degasifier. Auxiliary equipment such as a chlorinator and activated carbon filtration is required for complete hydrogen sulfide removal.

The degasifier has three main components: the tower, the blower and the sump. The tower is filled with a large surface area packing that breaks up the falling column of water into a thin film and small drops. The blower forces a stream of air upflow through the water and out through the vent pipe. The sump receives the degasified water and stores it for a few minutes before it is pumped to the point of use.

The degasifier is mechanical and needs no chemical treatment. The only operating cost is the electrical energy for the blower motor.

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