Portable Systems

Convenient production of high quality water with less capital investment.

Unlike permanent-bed deionizers, portable deionized water systems do not require capital investment, chemical handling, waste management or maintenance. Even though they are portable, they can be used for many high purity water applications such as laboratory, dialysis, pharmaceutical and other industrial applications.

The systems are more flexible for different applications or flow rates and easier to integrate into treatment systems. Our certified water experts can help determine if a portable DI water system would work for you.

How does portable deionization work?

It uses ion exchange resin in movable tanks or cylinders. These tanks are typically lined, fiberglass pressure vessels of varying sizes (usually volumes of .25 ft? to 3.6 ft?). Each size will accommodate specific total production capacities and flow rates to fit various situations precisely. Service deionization is a clean and simple way to produce purified water. All of the equipment, regeneration, maintenance and repair is provided by the service company. The deionizers are installed on your tap water and operate on line pressure to provide ionic contaminant removal. Eventually the ability of the deionizers to remove ionic impurities becomes exhausted and the service exchange company sends a serviceperson to remove the tanks on site and replace them with freshly regenerated units.

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