Hospital Water Treatment

Commercial and industrial (C&I) high-purity water applications are Total Water Treatment Systems’ specialty.

  • I’m looking for product information and costs for portable reverse osmosis machines for acute dialysis.
  • We need a water treatment system for hemodialysis with two stage reverse osmosis with 30 machine capacity. Can you provide information, specifications of the system, price, availability, warranties and payment conditions?
  • Our medical center is looking for a DI water system for our new sterilization equipment. The consumption for this equipment is estimated at 9.7 gpm. Can you provide a quote?
  • We are looking for estimates for a new hospital water treatment system that will serve our hemodialysis center. Currently, we are required to provide an R.O. water treatment system for 4 machines.
  • We have a 44 station dialysis unit needing Carbon and DI tank delivery and maintenance. We would like to request a quote.
  • What type of backflow device to you place on portable dialysis machines that are moved from bedside to bedside? Does it meet Title 24?
  • Our dialysis clinic is in need of new membranes for the RO. Can you give me a quote for just parts and then a quote for parts and labor?
  • Our hospital is interested in knowing how much RO water is typically excess beyond the requirements of a portable dialysis machine. We are trying to plan for an appropriate drain size (capacity and pipe size) for the combined RO excess and the dialysate effluent of about one liter per minute.
  • I need quote on new R.O Machine for our hospital boiler room.
  • I would like to have some one come out and do regular maintenance on my reverse osmoses system and softener.
  • We need to change our chemistry analyzers from Siemens EXL to Roche 4000 series. This includes the need for a larger water system since the c311 requires an output of 40L/hr. Will you send me pricing, product specs, and other information on products that can fulfill this need?
  • We are interested in and budgeting for a deionized water system for our Central sterilization department where we are cleaning and decontaminating our instruments.
  • Our hospital’s Sterile Processing Department needs to get a water purification system in place. Can you help?
  • I’m interested in learning more about hospital water purification and filtration systems.

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