Replacement Parts and Services

Any industrial water system includes parts and services that can be added after the initial installation. Total Water provides a wide range of aftermarket replacement parts and services from top manufacturers.

Please review the list below to find the products you’re looking for, and then contact us for specific details and pricing.

Water Filtration

Cartridge filters: Pre-filters, post filters (validated) and vent filters

Filter Housings: Single and multi-tube sanitary stainless, plastics

Bag filters and housings all sizes and materials

Capsule filters

Hollow fiber ultra-filters

Ultraviolet Sterilizers

Aquafine replacement systems

Lamps, quartz sleeves, O-rings

Replacement ballasts and up-grade kits

Monitors and instruments

Laboratory Water Systems

Elga, Purelab, Modulab, Millipore Barnstead and other replacement cartridges

Reverse osmosis and UF membranes

UV lamps


All major membrane manufacturers of RO, UF and MF products

Installation services

Replacement Parts

Valves and repair parts

Replacement vessels

Valves, actuators, pumps, sight strainers and other OEM parts

Ion Exchange Resin

Cation, Anion and Mixed Bed resins

Installation and disposal services


Activated Carbon

Carbon cartridges and filters

Granular Activated Carbon

Installation and removal services

Filter Media

Sand, garnet, gravel and anthracite

Installation and removal services


Thornton/Mettler instrumentation

Myron L

Resistivity/conductivity, pH, flow, TOC

Pressure, ORP

Installation, calibration and certification services

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