Industrial Water Treatment

Commercial and industrial (C&I) high-purity water applications are Total Water Treatment Systems’ specialty.

  • A university looking for a water filter to use with a cooling line for their materials fabrication facility.
  • An industrial manufacturer in need of process water for cleaning stainless steel valve products for nuclear service.
  • A utility company looking for a mixed bed system capable of 300 gpm to replace an old system that follows a two-pass R.O. system.
  • A manufacturer of connectors and electronic components for automotive and computer applications needing a quote for DI system to fill a 35 gallon ultrasonic tank once a month for cleaning injection mold components.
  • A pharmaceutical company looking for a DI Water / UV Treatment system with a desired flow rate of 4 gpm to feed their equipment cleaning room.
  • A battery plant in need of a 16 gallon DI water system.
  • A manufacturer needing 75 gallons of deionized water every three months for their laser cutting machine.
  • An oil company looking for a portable reverse osmosis system able to purify 5 m3 per minutes.
  • A manufacturer seeking to replace their outdated Nanopure Quad (D4741) DI system with something more current.
  • A water technology company with a customer seeking advice on whether to use an RO system and mixed bed or a degasifier to remove CO2 from well water with a pH of 4.6.
  • A compounding pharmacy researching the options to provide USP-grade Water for Injection (WFI) into their process.
  • An industrial manufacturer of thermoplastics looking for a Deionized Water System that can produce 100 gallons/day of DI type 1 water.
  • A chemical company needing a quote on a 150 – 200 gpd RO unit, accumulation tank, carbon prefilters, and mixed bed DI tanks.
  • A circuit board manufacturer looking for service on a DI system.
  • A steel pipe manufacturer dealing with an issue of residual chloride on steel, which prevents proper adhesion of paint as well as corrosion. Looking for a deionizing system to remove chlorides from the water used to clean residual coolant oils from steel pipe prior to painting.
  • A cleaning product manufacturer looking for a quote on a DI system that can handle 160 gallons to 500 gallons a day.
  • A shop with a wash station in need of an RO system interested in learning about setup, cost, and so on.
  • A manufacturer in need of a 6000 gal per day RO system as well as 4-faucet fill stations and a sanitization station.
  • A dental clinic in need of a cost-effective source of distilled water that can be used in their autoclaves.
  • A power plant with a large SNCR project.

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