Produce very high purity water or pretreat process water.

Nanofiltration can be used in many applications such as manufacturing drugs, dairy products, textiles, bakeries, medical water, lab water, or any high purity water application. Our water filtration experts can answer any questions or concerns you have.

Nanofiltration is a membrane filtration process that is used with low total disoolved solids water. The purpose is to soften the water and disinfect by removing natural organic matter and synthetic organic matter. The main difference between RO systems and nanofiltration is that the nano membrane is not as tight and it operates at a lower feedwater pressure. Also, it does not remove monovalent ions from the water as effectively as the RO membrane.

How nanofiltration systems work.

Nanofiltration is a cross-flow filtration technology. The pore size of the membrane is about 1 nanometer. The pressure to utilize nanofiltration is also less than reverse osmosis. Nanofilters also remove fewer monovalent ions than RO (around 50-90%). This enables the membrane to remove hardness from water but leave the total dissolved solids content less affected.

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