4 Benefits of Leasing Your Purified Water System Instead of Buying It

Ready to sign the papers on a new purified water system?

When considering a purified water system, the first thing you’ll need to decide is how to pay for it: Will you lease or buy it? While many people might initially lean towards purchasing, consider four benefits of leasing before making your decision.

Why don’t more people lease their equipment? Many people and businesses don’t realize they have the option. Either that, or they believe purchasing their equipment outright is a financially smarter decision.

While individual cases may vary, we find that leasing is almost always a better way to finance your purified water system. Here are four reasons why.

Benefits of Leasing Your Purified Water System

1. Avoids high up-front cost

Commercial and industrial purified water systems can cost between $25,000 and $250,000. Leasing that equipment, on the other hand, will average between $500 and $5,000 per month.

Therefore, your decision of whether to buy or lease primarily comes down to deciding what’s the best use of your cash. Would you rather pay a large expense up front or pay a monthly fee and reinvest your cash back into your business?

2. Generally includes a better warranty

Whereas the warranties associated with purchased water systems often expire, the warranty period of leased equipment almost always lasts for the duration of the lease agreement. If, for example, you lease your purified water system for 60 months, most water treatment vendors will provide a full warranty for the entire 60 months.

3. Servicing is often included

In addition to a warranty, most leased water treatment systems include routine service. This is especially important considering most systems require quarterly servicing.

These servicing packages often cover consumable items as well. The consumable items may include UV bulbs and sleeves, filters, disinfection services, deionization tanks, water testing and other ongoing routine maintenance requirements.

4. The system can grow with your business

If your business is doing well and expanding, you may outgrow your purified water system within the first 3-5 years. If your equipment is purchased, updating it normally means buying an entirely new system.

Conversely, a lease agreement can be arranged to allow you to update your equipment under an expanded lease. This option provides the flexibility to expand or grow the size of your purified water system parallel to your business needs.

Thinking of buying a new purified water system? Don’t make any decisions without first considering a leased system. With a much lower up-front cost in addition to several other benefits, leasing enables you to grow your system with your business.

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