Central Purified Water Treatment System for Laboratory in Southern Wisconsin

Customer Description

Our customer, a laboratory in Southern Wisconsin, is one of the state’s largest environmental, industrial, and food analysis facilities. It is an independent commercial testing lab serving testing needs for over 2,000 clients in Wisconsin, the Midwest, USA, Canada, and Mexico. Using a multi-disciplined approach to serving clients, our customer has six departments, three of which do environmental testing, two that do food testing (microbiology and food chemistry), and one that performs investigative analysis for a variety of clients.

The Challenge

Our customer wanted a central water system that would provide baseline water meeting the Clinical Lab Reagent Water Standard (CLRW) at every lab faucet throughout their new facility in New Berlin, WI.

Total Water’s Solution

Total Water designed a central purified water treatment system for this laboratory customer utilizing a reverse osmosis unit as pretreatment to high-purity medical-grade deionizers. The central purified water treatment system feeds multiple points of use in the laboratory which in the past would be fed with smaller, less cost-effective single tank point-of-use deionization systems. Continuous organic control was required to meet the Clinical Lab Reagent Water standard (CLRW). Because of this requirement the system was engineered and installed to meet QSR/GMP standards to help insure the Clinical Lab Reagent Water standard (CLRW) would be met upon start up and for years to come. A UV(Ultraviolet Disinfection) unit, final filtration, and the proper flow velocities were engineered into the system to help control the organic loading of the system. A full preventive maintenance schedule was set up to assist the customer and provide a seamless water system service history. Contact Total Water today with your laboratory water treatment questions or schedule an on-site system evaluation today at www.totalwater. com.

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