Reverse Osmosis & and Medical Grade Deionizers for Southeastern Wisconsin Hospital

Customer Description

For over a century, a hospital based in southeastern Wisconsin and its dedicated staff have offered the highest level of quality care to individuals and families throughout Wisconsin and beyond. They combine new technologies and innovative treatments with a compassionate, healing environment. As one of the largest integrated regional health care delivery systems in Wisconsin, our client’s organizations provide one-fourth of the total health care delivered in Milwaukee, Waukesha, Washington, Racine, and Ozaukee counties.

The Challenge

Our customer wanted a central water system that would provide high-purity water for decontamination, sterilizers, and the clinical laboratory for their new hospital in the Milwaukee area.

Total Water’s Solution

The Total Water design team engineered a customized system utilizing reverse osmosis water polished with medical grade deionization canisters to cost-effectively meet and exceed the necessary water standards for the hospital. The system was designed to produce 18 Meg-ohm quality water with less than 10 cfu (colony forming units) of bacteria. The challenge of feeding all the separate hospital departments simultaneously from one central system was solved with a properly sized reverse osmosis unit feeding an atmospherically vented storage vessel. The maximum water usage level of each department was taken into consideration along with their hours of operation, prior to sizing the equipment. Contact the water experts at Total Water to assist with all your purified water needs today at www.totalwater. com.

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