High-Purity Water Treatment System for Private Label Formulator

Customer Description

Our customer is a private-label formulator, blender and packager in Southern Wisconsin. They have traditionally specialized in liquids, creams, and pastes, but continue to expand into other categories.

The Challenge

The customer had to meet strict requirements to meet the United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) water standards. The USP standard is utilized for pharmaceuticals, food ingredients, dietary supplements, and other products critical to public health.

Total Water’s Solution

Total Water designed and installed a high-purity water treatment system to cost-effectively meet and exceed the United States Pharmacopeia (USP) water standards. The system was engineered utilizing a 45 gallon per minute reverse osmosis unit for pretreatment polished by high-purity, medical-grade deionization canisters. In addition to the high-purity, medical-grade deionization canisters Liquid-cell de-gassing membranes where installed for carbon dioxide removal. Two separate UV sanitization systems were installed in the water treatment system to assist in bacteria, endotoxin, and TOC (total organic carbon) control. Total Water’s installation team worked with the onsite maintenance staff to develop a plan for a customized purified water distribution piping system. The piping system consisted of 316L passivated stainless steel. The system was designed to meet the customer’s current production needs with expansion capabilities in the future. Contact the Total Water team today at www.total-water.com with your high purity water questions.

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