Ultrapure Water for Clinical Laboratory

Customer Description

Our customer, a clinical laboratory in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, is the sole supplier of blood and blood products to 54 hospitals in Wisconsin. These products include whole blood, packed red cells, platelet products, fresh frozen plasma, cryoprecipitate, and a number of various blood derivatives including clotting factor concentrates. The laboratory performs comprehensive infectious disease testing on all units of blood for transfusion to patients that it serves. The blood donation process can be accomplished in a number of ways from standard whole blood donation to the use of specialized machines for what is called apheresis collection of blood products.


The laboratory was looking for a central water system that would provide a baseline purified water meeting the Clinical Lab Reagent Water Standard (CLRW) at every lab faucet throughout the new five story complex.

Total Water’s Solution

Total Water engineered a custom water treatment system utilizing reverse osmosis and high purity, medical grade deionizers to produce ultrapure water. The system was designed to provide ultrapure water throughout the facility in a cost-effective manner and exceed the Clinical Lab Reagent Water Standard (CLRW). The success of the new high purity water treatment system utilized the latest technologies in high-purity water piping, flow velocities and bacteria/endotoxin control equipment. The engineering of these technologies combined with low Total Organic Carbon (TOC) products met the high purity water needs of the facility.

Our high-purity water engineering experience applied to new or existing water treatment systems have assisted numerous customers in overcoming current and long-term systematic problems. Often we find the end user has been experiencing organic research or production problems for some time and is not aware that the issue originated in the water treatment system. A properly designed high-purity water treatment system should be a resource for the facility, not a question mark. Request your onsite water consultation today at www.total-water.com.

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